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SOx Reagents.

Providing Eco-Friendly Solutions.

ECOUREA has developed a very strong reputation for production and supply of Marine Urea, or Aqueous Urea Solution (AUS). It is a key product within our range of emission control products and services.

It is used as a reagent to reduce Nitrogen Oxide (No2) emissions from a variety of combustion processes, converting the gases in the emissions into water, nitrogen and carbon dioxide.

Marine Urea is the necessary reactant for the functionality of Specialist Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems. It is a colourless, organic compound of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen (CO(NH2)2), and is a non-toxic, non-flammable and stable solution.

Our Product Quality.

ECOUREA customers can be sure of the quality of our product by means of our comprehensive manufacturing process using demineralised water, and the high calibre of our storage and transportation equipment.

ECOUREA manufactures all Urea solutions to Marine Urea ISO 22241 & ISO 18611 Standards.

Customers that receive Marine Urea are guaranteed optimum quality which will preserve the SCR system and provide consistently higher levels of NOx reduction. This ensures that international & local emission standards are always met.

We adhere to the worldwide standards for Marine Urea (AUS32 and AUS40).

Supply Mechanisms.

ECOUREA can supply Marine Urea to customers wherever they need it. Our global supply chain ensures that only top quality products are supplied and quality is maintained throughout storage and delivery.

We have a variety of different modes of transport at our disposal, depending on order quantity and region.


ECOUREA offers a wide range of solutions to reduce your emissions and remain compliant in all areas.

1000 Litre IBC
  • Ideal for smaller quantities and testing.
  • HDPE high-density polyethylene free from additives.
  • UN-approved.
20-25,000 Litre ISO tank
  • Ideal for multi-modal transport between major ports.
  • The best solution if road tankers are not available.
  • IMO1, Y11 UN-approved stainless steel.
20-22,000 Litre Flexitank (FLX)
  • Ideal for multi-modal transport to most world ports.
  • Standard 20’ container with multi-layer polyethylene.
  • Approved by most major shipping lines.
  • A single bag can be disposed of after use.
20-32,000 Litre Road Tanker (FTL)
  • Stainless steel chemical tanker with integrated pump.
  • The most efficient method for delivering reagents.
  • Compliant with local weight restrictions.

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Our services.

We specialise in three key sectors; vehicle, marine, and incineration emissions. ECOUREA provides full service solutions to businesses wishing to preserve the environment and maintain sustainability.

NOx Reagents

ECOUREA offers a wide range of reagent solutions from AdBlue® AUS32, Marine Urea® AUS40, Ammonia Hydroxide, Hydrated Lime and many more NOx reduction reagents.

SCR & SNCR Systems

We supply SCR or SNCR systems for all different types of industries and applications for example, Marine Vessels, Offshore Rigs, Cement Factories, Power Plants & more.

Raw Chemicals

We have a wide portfolio of raw chemicals from Urea Prills to Hydrated Lime. Ask us and we would be more than happy to assist.

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