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The UBS (Urea Blending System).

A plug and play, standalone, manufacturing system.

At ECOUREA, we are renowned for our extensive global network, providing Urea solution reagents to combat NOx emissions within the marine, automotive, power and oil & gas sectors.

Our time working with these industries has resulted in a wealth of knowledge and on-the-ground experience in the systems in place around the world and the infrastructure and framework required to support them. The most common technology used to effectively combat these emissions is the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) System or Selective non-catalytic Reduction (SNCR) System.

These systems treat exhaust gas with a Nitrogen-based reagent – typically a Urea solution such as (AUS32) or 40% urea solution (AUS40).

This technology is effective, efficient and widely used across the globe.

This treatment results in the neutralisation of NOx emissions by up to 98%.

However, the sourcing, manufacturing and transporting the Urea solutions themselves can be a sticking point for these industries. Logistic costs can be prohibitive and transporting liquids can be environmentally inefficient in itself, partially cancelling out the NOx reductions made. Outsourcing the manufacture of your Urea solutions clearly results in a higher Carbon Footprint, increased costs and unpredictability in terms of reliability and consistency.

SCR & SNCR Systems

ECOUREA asked how we can simplify the use of SCR systems and allow companies greater control.

After extensive research and engineering, we have focused our approach considering the ever-growing demand for Carbon-neutrality and developed a plug and play, standalone, manufacturing system – The UBS (Urea Blending System) – for any organisation to blend their own Urea solutions without the need for costly outsourcing and additional manpower.

Keeping the production of their solutions in-house allows organisations greater operational and framework control, keeps costs down and simplifies SCR system use.

ECOUREA's UBS can blend to any grade of solutions including:

  • Marine Urea
  • DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid)
  • 40% Urea Solution
  • 32.5% Urea Solution
  • DeNOx
  • ARLA32
  • ARLA40
  • AUS32 Aqueous Urea Solutions

One benefit of the UBS is its compact design, meaning it can be positioned anywhere, whether on-shore or off-shore and can be as close or as far from an SCR system (if used) as you require.

After honing and perfecting the UBS design, ECOUREA are now able to offer this solution for companies that look to manufacture their own Urea reagent, either for their own use and/or for their own client base.