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Raw Chemicals.

ECOUREA has a wide range of raw chemicals available including Urea Prills.

Uncoated urea prills also know as N46, nitrogen 46%

ECOUREA’S Urea prills are a versatile and effective solution for reducing NOx (nitrogen oxides) emissions in both the automotive and marine industries. When used as a reagent in selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems, urea prills react with NOx to produce harmless nitrogen gas and water vapor. This reaction occurs at high temperatures and is facilitated by a catalyst, which is typically located in the exhaust system of diesel engines. Urea prills are particularly effective at reducing NOx emissions because they allow for precise dosing and uniform distribution of the reagent, resulting in a high conversion rate of NOx to nitrogen gas. Additionally, the use of urea prills does not produce any harmful by-products, making it an environmentally friendly solution. Overall, urea prills are an essential component of SCR systems in the automotive and marine industries, providing a reliable and efficient method for reducing NOx emissions and improving air quality.


ECOUREA offers a wide range of solutions to reduce your emissions and remain compliant in all areas.

Technical/industrial grade Urea

ECOUREA is a trusted international supplier of Technical Grade (also known as Industrial Grade) Urea Prills. These are uncoated prills, used for production of Aqueous Urea Solutions (AUS) in conjunction with SCRs or SNCRs when second-to-none quality purity is required.

Technical Grade Urea can also be used as a raw material for resins, glue, animal feed and much more.

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Our services.

We specialise in three key sectors; vehicle, marine, and incineration emissions. ECOUREA provides full service solutions to businesses wishing to preserve the environment and maintain sustainability.

NOx Reagents

ECOUREA offers a wide range of reagent solutions from AUS32, Marine Urea® AUS40, Ammonia Hydroxide, Hydrated Lime and many more NOx reduction reagents.

SCR & SNCR Systems

We supply SCR or SNCR systems for all different types of industries and applications for example, Marine Vessels, Offshore Rigs, Cement Factories, Power Plants & more.

SOx Reagents

We offer a supply of Caustic Soda 50% for the transport, energy, shipping, and industrial industries.

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