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Emission reduction technologies and full service emission control solutions to onshore and offshore Industries.

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About our company,
and How we work.

A dynamic and forward thinking manufacture & supply business for emission reduction reagents. We are one of the market leaders in quality emission reduction technology, and a global supplier of aqueous urea solutions for use with emissions control technologies. This enables our customers to help preserve the environment and develop a more sustainable industry.


To help businesses that want to preserve the environment and operate more efficiently and sustainably by providing full-service solutions and nitrogen oxide reduction technologies.



Offering environmental solutions to our customers is our front–line business.


Promoting good environmental practice within our client businesses.

NOx emissions neutralised by up to


SCR technology installed on ships worldwide


SOx emissions reduced by up to


ECOUREA was founded in


Products and Services

We specialise in four key sectors; marine, power, oil & gas and automotive emissions. ECOUREA provides full service solutions to businesses wishing to preserve the environment and maintain sustainability emission compliance. Experts in industrial plant and offshore industries, we are one of the leading global suppliers of commonly know reagents such as Marine Urea (AUS40),  (AUS32).

NOx Reagents

ECOUREA offers a wide range of reagent solutions from AUS32, Marine Urea® AUS40, Ammonia Hydroxide, Hydrated Lime and many more NOx reduction reagents.

SOx Reagents

Offering AUS40 manufactured to the Marine Urea® quality license for international NOx compliance.

Raw Chemicals

We have a wide portfolio of raw chemicals from Urea Prills to Hydrated Lime. Ask us and we would be more than happy to assist.

SCR & SNCR Systems

We supply SCR or SNCR systems for all different types of industries and applications for example, Marine Vessels, Offshore Rigs, Cement Factories, Power Plants & more.

Urea Blending Systems

After extensive research and engineering, we have focused our approach considering the ever-growing demand for Carbon-neutrality and developed a plug and play, standalone, manufacturing system – The UBS (Urea Blending System) – for any organisation to blend their own Urea solutions without the need for costly outsourcing and additional manpower.

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We specialise in three key sectors; vehicle, marine, and incineration emissions.

We have a diverse customer base and have worked on projects for business which operate freight liners, passenger ships, cruise ships, oil companies, oil rigs, all the way to the power incineration sector, helping them to reduce emissions.

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Expert in industrial plant and offshore industries, Get in touch today.

Our service covers initial consultation and determination of needs and timescales, production and supply, transportation, delivery, and advice and guidance on storage, handling and ensuring systems meet quality standards.

    Our selected Case studies.

    Our portfolio of work is diverse. We’ve undertaken a vast number of projects across the world, demonstrating our wide range of expertise.
    Here are a few examples of our varied work with key international contacts.

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    Locations we cover.

    We have worked with customers all over the world from Aberdeen to Southampton, Rotterdam, Oslo, Malaga, and Riga, as well as Seattle, Los Angeles, Panama, Sao Paulo, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and as far away as Brisbane and Darwin.

    United States