Case study overview

Our work goes beyond the manufacture and supply of Marine Urea. We also provide full service solutions such as cooling systems, the associated guidance, and the complementary coolants. 

Our knowledge of Marine Urea®, and how it aids our clients’ operations, is fundamental to our work, and our business. For example, we come across many situations where we have to help our clients overcome problems with high temperatures affecting Marine Urea®.

Nautical Landscape

Whilst Marine Urea® has a one-year shelf life, in high temperatures (on this occasion exceeding 50 degrees Celsius) it can reduce the shelf life to around three or four weeks. This causes significant financial and operational problems for clients, needing redress and mitigation.

A recent major piece of work in this field came when one of our clients contacted us, very concerned, that they were about to transit waters and a climate which would comfortably exceed 50 degrees Celsius and the quantity of Marine Urea® which they had bunkered in a spot sale would only last 21 days instead of four months. There was the potential for three months’ worth of product to be lost – which would have financial ramifications.

Our expertise in the design, manufacture, delivery and installation of a bespoke cooling system that would be fit for purpose would be vital. We liaised with the onboard team on their vessel. We worked to their specifications. We travelled to meet the vessel at its next port of call. Time was of the essence. Our flexibility allowed us to meet the vessel, supply and install the cooling system, test it, and guide their client team through the process at port.

Our cooling system ensured that the product remained in good condition for the duration, and was able to be used over a four-month period. This meant that we helped the vessel avoid having to go through the process of discharging the Marine Urea® into static holding tanks and the repercussions of doing so. 

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