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Corporate Social Responsibility.


ECOUREA is an ethical company. We provide solutions to client businesses that want to reduce their NOx emissions and preserve the environment, and we go about our business in the right way.

Our staff is fully committed to these principles. As such, we take our corporate social responsibility very seriously.

Our aim is to demonstrate our approach to social responsibility to our customers and stakeholders by means of the way we do business, the way we treat people, and how we work with our local communities.

Scope of the policy.

All of our directors, staff, and associates are fully committed to our approach towards social responsibility, through our work, and how the company operates. We work with ethical suppliers who support our approach to the environment and social responsibility.

The policy

This policy has three elements:

  1. Promoting good environmental practice is a fundamental part of our commitment to social responsibility.
  2. Observing key legislation and working ethically; product-specific and wider business practices.
  3. Being a responsible employer and valuing our people, the local communities and the local environment in which we work.


Promoting good environmental practice is a fundamental part of our commitment to social responsibility.

In addition to doing business the right way, we will also promote environmental awareness through our work to highlight our commitment to corporate social responsibility. We will –

  • Take every opportunity to champion good environmental practices.
  • Regularly review our approaches to ensure we always practice what we preach.
  • Encourage our staff to use their skills to help promote environmental awareness.
  • Maintain a programme of continuous improvement in environmental performance.
  • Work in partnership with key suppliers to encourage them to develop environmental best practice.


Observing key legislation and working ethically.

Product and service-specific

We operate within the maritime sector. We will comply with the shipping industry regulations as set out and regulated by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency and International Maritime Organisation. We will also promote sustainable shipping and help clients to benefit from the Environmental Ship Index.

We also operate within the transport sector. Whilst operating within the confines of the wider Road Transport Act, we will also be a considerate road user through optimising empty trucks and backloading them (for example, we will find a truck going empty from Immingham to London and load it with our cargo rather than sending another truck) resulting in one less truck on the road each journey each time, and thus fewer emissions.

We will also ensure that our own trucks, and partners’ trucks when carrying our freight, run on the latest EURO technology thus ensuring our cargo is carried on environmentally-friendly trucks.

Further, we operate within the manufacturing sector and incineration sector. Within these sectors, we will observe the national regulations. We will also observe ISO22241 ensure product quality.

We will adhere to the worldwide standards for Marine Urea (AUS32 and AUS40).

Wider business practices

We will also observe and comply with the legislation relevant to the operation of our business; local authority legislation, tax legislation, employment legislation, equality and diversity legislation, and health & safety legislation.

We are registered with the relevant agencies for income tax, national insurance, corporate tax, and VAT. Our company accounts, balance sheet, VAT return, and tax returns for our employees will register will be filed within the requisite timescales.

Our administrative centre will also observe environmental and quality standards that come with being an ethical business – we will meet and adhere to the SO14001 environmental standard in respect of paper and recycling.


Being a responsible employer and valuing our people and the communities in which we work.


ECOUREA has grown rapidly into an international business. Our administrative base remains in York, where the company was founded. We provide local roles for local people within our business support function. We also remain committed to the city and district through our community activities.

Our business thrives on the skills and expertise of our people. We will reward their skills and afford them the opportunities to be innovative in the workplace.

We will encourage our staff to be innovative, responsible and undertake regular training and development. Our company values champion this.

The workplace

Our workplace and working environment is, and will always be, free from prejudice, harassment, bullying, intolerance and racism and sexism. We will –

Through our administrative office in York, we will adhere to these environmentally sound business practices:

  • We encourage our staff to use public transport or cycle and don’t provide office car parking.
  • We promote a ‘clean desk’ and ‘minimal paper’ office environment and always recycle.
  • We conserve energy through our fuel, lighting and heating systems at our offices.
  • We promote the use of modern IT systems to cut down on unnecessary paper use.
  • We encourage the virtual office with our staff able to work from home, site locations or temporary locations to carry out our business activities.

Charity and sponsorship.

We will actively involve ourselves in charity work.

Close to our hearts is the Beachclean charity:  and we will supply funding, time and resources in whatever ways we can.

We will also sponsor and support community ventures that are important to both our staff and our company with our time and expertise.

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